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Washing Machine Repairing & Servicing

Washing Machine Repair & Servicing

Doing a week’s laundry is all easy until the washing machine breaks down. Ideally, you should source for machine repair service at the first sign of trouble. Continuing to use a machine that is already having problems can be expensive in the end. Whether your washing machine will not start or draining the water has become a problem, we can fix the problem for you. Just reach out to us through our website, and we will give your machine the care it needs to perform optimally.

Types of machines we Repair

Our technicians are trained to handle a wide range of washing machines. Some of the models we repair include:

Top loading machines

Front-loading machines

Compact washing machines

Combination units

Common Problems

There are common problems that you should be on the lookout for where a washing machine is concerned. Some of these problems include:

A washing machine that will not start

Mostly, a machine will not start if the switch has tripped or is imbalanced. Where this is the case, redistributing the clothes helps restore balance. The timer circuitry may also be the problem. Our team can confirm if the circuitry is the problem and help fix the problem in no time at all.

Incomplete Spinning

When this happens, you will be left with soaked clothes at the end of the cycle. Spinning problems are caused by various things ranging from burned solenoids to damaged drive belts.

Zero Agitation

This can be caused by a bad internal timer, damaged pressure switch or lid switch, worn-out drive spindle, and worn-out agitator belt.

Too much vibration

The first culprit where excessive vibration is concerned is weakened floors. The problem may also occur if the surface where the washing machine is placed is not leveled. Worn-out snubber or damper pads may also cause excess vibration.

Leaking machines

Your washing machine may leak if drain pipes are clogged, the hoses are loose, or you are putting in too much soap while washing.

Water not draining

If the pump is defective, water may remain in the drum. A clogged drainpipe may also cause the problem. Whatever the cause, you should take quick action if you notice that the drum is not draining correctly. You will only be damaging your washing machine if you continue to use it in this state.

Dirty/soapy clothes after a wash cycle

A defunct transmission may be the cause of stained clothes after a wash cycle. Defective timer or clogged cold water valves may be the reason why your clothes are not rinsed properly after a wash cycle. We can fix all the above and more problems with ease

Washing Machine Parts we can fix



Pressure switches


Drive spindles


Lid switches

Lid plungers


Agitator assemblies

Wigwag plunger or lifters

Transmission mode levers

Damper or snubber pad


When you need a professional

Washing machines, just like other appliances, need regular maintenance to stay in perfect condition. You should have a routine where an expert checks your machine to ensure that it is working efficiently. You should also get in touch with a professional at first sight of trouble. Whether it is soaked clothes at the end of a wash cycle or a machine that will not start, you should contact the right professionals to check your machine and rectify the problem before more damage is done.

Contact Us

Are you having trouble with your washing machine or any other appliance for that matter? Reach out to us, and we will repair the appliance for you. Here, we are all about offering quality services to all our customers. We work with a team of experts who know their way around washing machines and other household appliances and can diagnose the problem in no time. We also offer emergency washing machine repair services to ensure that you never have to deal with a leaking washing machine that is ruining your floors or piles of unwashed laundry because the machine will not start.